This will explain the purpose of the blog:  a mockup for non-feminist student websites at a college or university.

Your website will form the online basis for everything you do on campus, so you should design it thoughtfully. If you have done your advertising well, everybody on your campus, and even into the surrounding community, will become aware of your website, hence your existence.

Ideally, your website should become a focal point of campus life - a cool, edgy place to go where people can check out the latest, and get plugged in to the growing alternative worldview.

You will become something which the establishment cannot entirely ignore, as much as they might wish to do so.

It is important to emphasize that you are not a "men's rights" or "men's issues" group of any kind - even if your sympathies (hopefully) lean in that direction. Your opposition will try to claim that you are such a group, but you must smoothly ignore this and thwart this. Don't defend against such claims - just carry on like you never even heard them, with a smug glint in your eye. Your political identity is merely "non-feminist" (not anti-feminist), and your rhetoric should iterate this regularly in order to drive the point home.

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